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  • Anthony Fels & Debbie Poryes-Fels

    We are happy to let anyone interested in finding a top-notch real estate agent know about our terrific experience with Sarah Abel. Sarah handled the selling of our house in Piedmont, California this past summer 2018, and we could not have asked for a more thorough, efficient, communicative, and easy-to-work-with realtor. We are tremendously grateful to her for her hard work and expert abilities in obtaining a high price for our house, even as the residential market in our area was beginning to turn downward from its previous peak. Sarah has the whole range of skills needed to bring success to the sale of a house. She is exceedingly well organized. When we first interviewed her as a possible agent, She arrived with a detailed booklet outlining the steps we would go through and showing us examples of some of the properties she had recently sold. After talking to us about our needs, she evolved a plan covering which improvements would be good to make before putting our house on the market, bringing to bear many professional people who she has worked with to carry out any of the projects that we didn’t wish to contract out for ourselves. We ended up relying on Sarah to direct the work of most of these professionals because in our case we moved out of state about a month and a half before the house went on the market. She handled all of these tasks with precision and her characteristic good humor, putting our minds at ease over the final stages of getting the house ready to show prospective buyers. Sarah made excellent professional judgments all along the way about how to prepare and advertise our house. We want to emphasize just how warm, friendly, and communicative Sarah was to work with. These traits are so important in a realtor, given the stresses that inevitably arise when a family sells their house after living in it for many years. We found Sarah to be highly adept at presenting a range of choices for us at critical junctures of the process, making her informed recommendations but always listening to our own preferences and adjusting to them. Indeed, she got to know us quite well over the five months or so that we worked together on the sale. At every point, she always made sure that we made the final decisions. Sarah was a pleasure to work with. We wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone ready to sell their home.
  • David Goldman & Patricia Svilik

    Sarah is a straightforward, sophisticated, and savvy broker. She is a good negotiator who will close the deal. She is generous with her time. Also, she is not pushy at all - she wants you to find the right place for the right price and respects your limits. On one house, we appreciated that she told us that it was overpriced, even though she knew we wanted to put an offer on it. She is detail-oriented and thorough. She is diplomatic without being canned. We went through three brokers before her and were consistently outbid in the East Bay’s surprisingly competitive housing market. Our problem was that we had brokers who did not know how to negotiate (all the houses that we bid on had multiple offers). I had no idea what a big difference our broker would make, and I learned the hard way. That's just hard to find out in an interview, unfortunately. By "negotiator," I don't just mean someone who will advocate price for you, but also someone who will be able to get the other side's attention and be listened to, someone who can communicate directly and genuinely with the other side to get more information so that you can figure out what kind of offer to write, and most importantly, someone who can close the deal. She is proactive. I am absolutely confident that if we had started working with Sarah in the beginning, (1) we would have spent far less time looking (she finds out what you guys want in a house, looks at them on her own time, then takes you to see only the houses that she knows you will like), and (2) we would have had far less stress because we would have been successful in our offers. Putting an offer on a house is so stressful and very time-consuming. We felt muzzled with our previous brokers and just watched them make mistakes and mishandle the situation. With Sarah, it was like, "sit back, and trust her, and she'll make it happen." She put us in control of the situation. It was a lot more relaxing, for lack of a better word. I was extremely impressed with her and so bummed that we did not work with her from the start.
  • Wilma Leather

    After my mother passed away, I was faced with the overwhelming task of preparing the family home for the market. My parents had lived in their home for 75 years so the accumulation of treasures and junk was enormous. Emptying the house was one thing but now it had to be prepared for market. A friend of mine suggested a realtor that she had used to sell her house, and she had been extremely pleased with her. When I called Sarah, I immediately found someone that listened but did not push. We met at my family home, and she was very positive pointing out special features of the house. I did not want to do any extensive remodeling, and she suggested ways to freshen the house by painting and redoing floors. Within two days I had bids for the work and made my decision to go ahead. I explained to Sarah that I would be in Idaho for the next for four weeks. Sarah said that would not be a problem as she would set up everything and keep me informed on all steps; nothing would be done without my approval. When I returned, everything was completed and ready for inspections. It took three months from our first meeting until the sale of the house was closed. Everything went smoothly, and I know that this was due to Sarah’s constant attention. Sarah is very straight forward, hardworking and very tactful. She calmly handles all problems which give you the assurance that everything is under control. Her honesty and full attention to detail make her a very knowledgeable and professional realtor. She helped me through a difficult process and became a special friend. I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home.
  • Dave & Anne Krattelbol

    “Sarah was a pleasure to work with in the recent sale of our house In Piedmont. She was a true professional and expertly guided us through the process. She provided reasons for her recommendations and was flexible enough to adjust if we chose to do something a little differently. In particular, she provided a great analysis of the current market and where our house would fit in. She gave us great leads on getting the required inspections accomplished and explained the outcome in laymen’s terms. She gave us a great contact to sell/dispose of items we would no longer need. She gave great advice on the proper pricing of the home and prepared excellent marketing materials to present the house to the market. She held numerous open houses to give maximum exposure to the home. She explained bids we received and guided us on the best way to respond to each bid. In addition, Sarah went above and beyond in a couple of areas that truly exemplified her integrity and her ability to get us a great outcome. First, she turned down an opportunity to represent both buyer and seller in the transaction. This was done at great expense to her but avoided a conflict of interest and ensured she was truly representing our best interests. Second, she personally went down to city hall to track down a missing remodeling building permit that was not included in the original city provided material. This proved to be an important document in finalizing the sale. We were very pleased with Sarah’s work on our behalf and would not hesitate to recommend her to any future home seller.
  • Daniel Cheung & Alice Wong

    Sarah Abel is the best. Before Sarah, our Piedmont home search consisted of endlessly trolling home listings on the internet and run-ins with other agents who seemed inexperienced, passive and unengaged. Sarah, however, is very personable, warm, and easy to work with. She’s also creative, proactive, knowledgeable with many years of experience in the Piedmont home market, and appropriately aggressive in getting things done. When working with Sarah, she gives you her full and undivided attention and you are reassured that you have an extremely competent and effective agent working on your behalf. This is priceless when navigating such a tricky real estate market as Piedmont. From the very beginning, Sarah went to bat for us. She began with honest assessments of properties that we were considering and gave us accurate advice about how to competitively set and word our offers so as to maximize our chances of acceptance or at least a counter offer. We never felt pressured and she was careful to ensure that we felt we were making the right decisions for us. If we had any concerns about a particular problem with a property, she worked to connect us to the right people to address those concerns. Furthermore, after our offer was accepted, Sarah went out of her way to keep us apprised of updates to the status of escrow – even checking in with us via email while traveling abroad! We are so grateful to Sarah, and we recommend her wholeheartedly!
  • Jessica Spry

    Sarah is as good as it gets. As a personal investor, I've bought and sold 15 homes in the Bay Area over the past 20 years. I've used many different agents because I never thought anyone did a good enough job. I was so disappointed with the incompetence of realtors that I got my own license so that I could start representing myself in future deals. Then Sarah came along. I moved from the Bay Area to Palm Springs. When it was time to sell my home in Piedmont I didn't even interview anyone else. I just handed the keys to Sarah. I put everything in her hands and just told her to get it done. Sarah was on it in a flash with a spreadsheet of proposed inspections and improvements. I'm a self-professed control freak. But Sarah did a much better job than I ever could have done. And that says a lot because clearly, I think very highly of myself. Of course, we got top dollar for our home. That goes without saying. But Sarah did more than just bring me an all-cash offer then closed in 10 days. Sarah handled every inspection, every tweak to the house and even helped me get my furniture to Palm Springs which included storing my belongings in her house until the truck could come. I wish I could give her more than 5 stars. If you are planning to buy or sell a house hire Sarah.
  • Kevin & Liana Ma

    If we had to summarize Sarah Abel in a few words, it would be - simply awesome! Hands down, the best realtor that we’ve ever worked with (my husband works in real estate) and we would work with her again in a heartbeat. We would highly recommend Sarah for any of you looking for a home in the East Bay and especially Piedmont. Sarah is an expert on Piedmont and she knows the city and the various neighborhoods like the back of her hand. Sarah truly understands her clients' needs and tailors her approach to each client. She was never looking just to sell us a home (which would be considered a success by most buyers in this market) but she wanted us to find the perfect home that would work for our family. Unlike other brokers in the Bay Area, she never pressured us to overpay or create an artificial sense of urgency and would, in fact, tell us if she thought we were getting a bit too "emotional" - in her very professional and diplomatic way. As a result, we were able to find a home rather quickly compared to most buyers and were able to find the best home for our family, at the right price. Sarah was also great during the closing process, she ensured that everything went smooth and that both parties were satisfied throughout. Sarah is the best!
  • Colleen Allen & Brian Payne

    It was a pleasure working with Sarah to find our new home in Piedmont! Having raised her family in Piedmont, she is highly knowledgeable about the local community, schools, and activities. She listened carefully to what we were looking for in a house, then she proceeded to leave no stone unturned finding potential properties and informing us about them before they even hit the market. Throughout the home search process, she was responsive, encouraging and professional. She was a good sounding board as we weighed the pros and cons of different properties. When we chose to make an offer on our home, she provided guidance and she advocated strongly for us in a competitive, multiple offer situation. Through closing, she was always there for us handling the details in a timely manner. Even as we are going through the process of remodeling our new home, Sarah has sweetly checked in with coffee, pastries, and recommendations from architects to babysitters. We have already referred other friends to Sarah - she makes it happen!
  • Julie & Jerry Wu

    For those of you who want the short and sweet on Sarah --- well, she is just simply awesome! Hands down, the best realtor that we ever worked with, and we would work with her again in a heartbeat. Highly recommend to any of you looking for a home in the East Bay and especially Piedmont. Sarah truly understands her clients' needs and tailors her approach to each client. She was never looking just to sell us a home (which would be considered a success by most buyers in this market) but she wanted us to find the perfect home that would work for our family. Unlike other brokers in this area, she never pressured us to overpay or create an artificial sense of urgency and would, in fact, tell us if she thought we were getting a bit too "emotional" - in her very professional and diplomatic way. As a result, I think we were able to find a home rather quickly compared to most buyers and definitely think we have found the best home for our family, at the right price. Sarah is the best!
  • Ali Nazar

    We are a young family with small kids and hectic schedules. As our family grew, we decided to sell and trade up - the Berkeley market was insanely hot and we needed something bigger. Selling seemed like an easy process, but one setback after another left our house sitting on the market for months, with damaging disclosures out on it and my wife and I at a loss. A friend recommended we talk to Sarah, and we were so glad that we did. She was responsive, empathetic, and spent the time necessary to decipher the complicated issues with our house and chart a path forward to help us sell the house and still get a great price. We had spoken to many agents, but no one had the combination of local expertise, trustworthiness, and communication skills that Sarah did. Through the process, Sarah always acted with our best interest at heart, and she was on point for any little detail that could come up in the transaction - a true pro that is a pleasure to work with. We are thankful to have met her.
  • Donna & Gadi Meir

    We worked with Sarah Abel this past spring to purchase our home in Piedmont. Sarah helped us find a rental in Piedmont 2 years prior when we moved from the East Coast. When we were ready to buy, Sarah educated and prepared us for the whole process, from beginning to end. She took great care to listen to our needs and wishes and it was clear from the start that she cared more about us getting into the right home rather than making a sale. When we made our first offer, Sarah continued to guide and advise us wisely. Our first offer was accepted, and we are now living in our home, which we love! Sarah’s expertise, professionalism, discretion, and insight were key to our successful home purchase this year. We are very grateful for Sarah’s guidance and dedication. Our experience with her has been outstanding and we recommend Sarah without any hesitation.
  • Billy CS Kim

    This letter is to highly recommend Sarah Abel as a real estate agent in case you ever need to sell or purchase a house in the Piedmont area. I was able to sell my house in Piedmont that my family and I lived in for thirty-eight years in July of 2012. I interviewed several real estate agents and she seemed to be the most knowledgeable in terms of how to property price and show the house. She also helped in staging my house very professionally and eventually I sold it for $100,000 over the asking price that she recommended and more than $300,000 over what the other real estate agent recommended my selling price should be. Sarah was an ultimate professional and I am extremely happy and satisfied that I selected her as my selling agent and would highly recommend her to any person who would be interested in hiring an outstanding real estate agent.
  • Ed & Nadia Pacult

    A first-class lady that does a first-class job, that is Sarah Abel. There is no way any realtor could have done what Sarah did in assisting us to sell our home in Piedmont. Professional, level headed, smart, funny, no-nonsense, and a great decision maker are just a few superlatives to describe this outstanding woman. She clearly understands her client’s needs and does her best to guide them in order to achieve their goals. If you can find a better person to help you buy or sell a home, I would like to meet them. Hats off to and a standing ovation for Sarah – an outstanding job done during the sales process. We will certainly be proud to have her represent us in any future real estate transactions.
  • Jenny & Mike

    Sarah Abel is simply the best. She is well connected to the community, strategic, thoughtful, and completely honest. Sarah successfully closed a very competitive purchase for us that otherwise, we would have lost. She never loses track of the importance of open communication and doesn’t just tell her clients what they want to hear. We worked with Sarah for over a year and considered several houses. Ultimately Sarah patiently helped us find the house we wanted. There is no question that we will ask Sarah to represent us in any future housing transaction, whether we are a buyer or seller. We have already recommended her to several of our closest friends.
  • Tom Meyer & Chandra Ganguly

    We met Sarah when we went to an open house. My husband and I had never bought a house together before and Sarah put us in touch with an associate at a bank to get a pre-qualifying letter. From there on, she brought together a team for us in almost everything that we required and helped us buy the home we wanted, holding things together through a tough loan approval process. She is professional, friendly, helpful and goes out of her way to give you support. And even now, almost a year after we bought the house, she's quick to help us with recommendations for any house repair or renovations. Thank you, Sarah!
  • Lee Wilson

    I just wanted to express my appreciation for the great job that you did marketing my house on Arbor Drive in Piedmont. In the past 35 years, I have been involved in the purchase and or sale of approximately 25 houses and small apartment buildings in Oakland, San Leandro, and Piedmont. You are the best agent that I have ever had! You are very professional and have excellent contacts for experts in remodeling and various types of home repairs. You took care of getting my house ready for sale while I was overseas for a month. You also seem to have a genuine interest in helping people. You can be sure that I will use your services again in the future.
  • Done Howe

    You always know when you are working with a pro at the top of their field, no matter which one it is. Once in a great while, that person sets the bar at a standard previously unimagined and forever alters your view of the profession. Sarah has been that for me. She guided the ship surely and safely through stormy seas, and into a better port than I thought it would be possible to find. Coming at this point in my life, it makes me feel the more blessed. Sarah will have my recommendation, with a similar accolade, to anyone who needs a realtor.
  • Sharon Pieters & Jonathan Getz

    Sarah is everything we ever dreamed of in a realtor, she provided unwavering guidance and support during the sale of our home. She supported our decision to wait a year to sell and even stayed in touch with us. She persuaded us to do the right things even when our emotions got the better of us. She convinced us staging was the right way to go, and it truly was. When things looked bleak, she persuaded us to be patient, and she ended up getting us a price we were beyond thrilled with. She is simply awesome!!
  • Dawn Ross

    I can’t imagine what it would have been like to sell the home I loved with anyone but Sarah. The level of personal service she delivers is extraordinary, and her gentle and thoughtful guidance helped me make good decisions every step of the process. Her knowledge of the area and professionalism, together with her warmth and good humor, got us to a great outcome. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend her to family and friends. Thank you, Sarah for making an emotionally difficult experience go so smoothly.
  • Sarah Judd & Maryanne Tucker

    We cannot overstate our praise for Sarah Abel as our Realtor. We recently purchased a home in Piedmont and are crystal clear that we could not have done it without Sarah. Her guidance, enthusiasm, and sensibility resulted in all parties feeling great about the outcome. Sarah is knowledgeable and savvy yet remains grounded in the reality of her clients. She is a real person helping real people achieve their goals.
  • Aradhana & Sid Jajodia

    In an unpredictable, highly competitive market, Sarah’s sound advice and counseling are the sole reason we were successful in finding the house we really wanted! She has a solid understanding of the market fluctuations and its effect on housing values. Sarah really streamlined the process for us, all with a wonderful, professional attitude. Thanks, Sarah!
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    The success Sarah has enjoyed in her years of working and volunteering has been the result of cultivating genuine relationships. Through the years, she has built a reputation of integrity, character and competence in both her professional and personal life which translates into long term relationships.

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